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Attack of the Clone Wars

When the Clone Wars animated movie came out, I was drawn to the Captain Rex character. The biggest thing that did it were the "Jaig Eyes" on the helmet... A feature lifted directly from the preproduction Boba Fett suit.

What I quickly noticed is that the animated clones were entirely different from the Attack of the Clones style suits. From head to toe, they share the same basic look, but when you get down to details, there are no common threads.

The answer, of course, was to make my own suit! It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, but never had a reason. With all of the time and money that goes into sculpting your own armor, it's just not worth it if you can easily get what you are looking for in kit form. In this case, there was nothing out there, so I started on a 14 month or so journey into armor making!

File:Rex20090315.jpg The suit, as it appears here, is almost entirely made from scratch by me. The only part I did not make was the machined aluminum rangefinder stalk.

Breakdown by part:

Check out our new weathering video on YouTube!

After completing Rex I moved on to many other clone projects. Check out Commander Cody, to be worn by my wife, Captain Fordo from the original 2D animated series, Squawk from the Clone Wars web comic, Goji, a clone pilot, my 41st grunt (Gree's unit), and the classic white grunt.

We've done two large, group projects. There was the NEG/Alderaan Base clone squad build and another for Garrison Carida.

If you were part of one of those builds, make sure to visit the guide to assembling the armor

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